sophie-kasaei-geordie-shoreGeordie Shore viewers have been left reeling after the removal of fan favourite Sophie Kasaei for making a racial jibe last week.

During filming of the show’s seventh and latest season, Sophie was recorded saying ‘I hate niggers’ and was promptly barred from the show, pending an investigation.

An MTV spokesperson confirmed the decision, stating:

After an incident last week, Sophie Kasaei was removed from Geordie Shore pending further investigation into alleged offensive behaviour.

MTV and Lime Pictures have now taken the decision that it is inappropriate for Sophie to return to the show.

We will be reiterating to the remaining cast members that offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

This is a blow for one of MTV UK’s most popular shows to date, but more importantly a blow for fans of Sophie Kasaei, who are more accustomed to her memorable one liners and drunken antics as opposed to bigotry. Solace can at least be taken in MTV and Lime Productions zero tolerance policy on discrimination.

Sophie has since made the obligatory ‘I’m not racist because…’ speech, but hasn’t decided to grant herself immunity from racism by virtue of having a black friend (or ex-husband), like other (Geordie) celebs.

Oh no.

Sophie has stated she isn’t racist simply because she has been a victim of racism herself! Personally, I can’t help but feel that being an ex victim of racism herself, she is even more culpable simply because she should have known better.