Girls just wanna have fun… without facing any consequences. And that looks set to happen, as government plans may see an end to jail sentences for teenage girls committing serious crimes.

The Youth Justice Board (YJB) plans to cut all prison sentences for young girls, housing them in secure training centres instead. Because of course, girls can’t really cause any real harm can they? Or have these people just not watched enough reality television?

A total of 41 places will potentially be closed at three prisons; Downview in Surrey, Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire and New Hall in west Yorkshire. In a probable bid to keep things somewhat balanced, 300 places are set to be scrapped for young men also.


Obvious issues with the new non-sentencing approach is increased ‘ratchetivity’ amongst young ladies females. The fairer sex could be set to get a lot less fair, and why shouldn’t it, if stealing a pair of Loubs could potentially go unpunished?

Phil Copple, who is chief executive of the National Offender Management Service in charge of running prisons in England and Wales, attempted to make some sense of the changes:

The YJB make the decisions about which accommodation they need and have had to make difficult choices in the face of falling demand for places for young offenders and the need to reduce costs.

We’re not sure if we’re convinced to be honest. Are you? Let us know!