In an entertainment feature by the American version of GQ, writer Rob Tannebaum listed the 25 Worst Rappers of All Time. Holding nothing back, the journo listed “Everyone from England, ever” as number eight – with the exception of The Streets’ Mike Skinner.



Hang on a freddie-mac-fannie-may minute but, have they even heard every English rapper? Have you even heard every shit American rapper?


London rapper Skepta, who is arguably better than many top American rappers, took obvious offence to this and responded immediately:

He has a point. If this was Rolling Stone we might actually be like ‘Damn!’ but since when was GQ an authority on mainstream music let alone something as culturally inflected and significant as Hip Hop?

So just as we were beginning to sharpen our pencils and put pen to ricin-laced paper, BritishGQ distanced themselves from their sister magazine’s stance in a reply to Skepta’s tweet:

One can only imagine the turmoil they must be going through. I mean, how will they ever get Tinie Tempah on their front cover again?

We wonder what our readers think of this? Let us know which UK rappers you think would spin Americans in a battle in the comments below.