Home secretary Theresa May is expected to make an announcement regarding the police force’s current stop-and-search procedures in the House of Commons today.

The current use of stop-and-search has proven to be a waste of police time, with each stop taking up to 16 minutes of police time. Theresa is also expected to comment on amount of people who are stopped purely based on their ethnicity. She is set to propose measure to make sure that an ‘intelligence-led’ system is used, therefore making it fairer and more efficient.

According to the BBC, 1.2million stops took place in 2011-12 with only 9% of those resulting in an arrest.

Whilst the number of stop-and-searches have fallen dramatically in the last year, those from an ethnic minority background are more likely to be stopped than their white counterparts.

As well as reducing police time spent carrying out these searches, Theresa is expected to say that the increased fairness in the stop-and-search procedure will restore the public’s confidence in the police force.

Have you ever been unfairly stopped by police? Will a fairer stop-and-search make you feel better about authorities? Or do you not think that anything will change?

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