What do your grandfather and Idris Elba have in common? The answer is, fashion sense.

As well as being known for fashion hits, Elba has certainly had more than a few faux pas in his time. But it turns out his flat cap fetish and a penchant for plaid isn’t down to him actually being an old man trapped in Adonis-Stringer Bell form.

Oh no; it’s actually because he cites his grandfather as his fashion inspiration:

My grandad was a very stylish man. He was a member of the police force and he used to wear these nice uniforms and all of that. I love looking at my grandad’s old pictures to see how he dressed – he was proper stylish.

Aww, how sweet. Not that we really care because, he’s Idris Elba. So even in a onesie he’d still be our half Ghanaian demi-God.