Controversial adverts with the slogan ‘Go Home or Face Arrest’ placed on the side of vans by the Government are working, according to the Prime Minister.

The campaign may be successfully deterring over-stayers, but has drawn criticism from many, with Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable writing them off as “stupid and offensive.”


Despite heavy backlash, David Cameron’s official spokesperson has assured that  it will all be worth it in the long run as it is “clear that this is already working”.

No figures were provided to corroborate this claim, but the scheme that has been tested in six of the capital,s boroughs (Hounslow, Barking and Dagenham, Ealing, Brent and Redbridge), may now be implemented nationwide.

Vince Cable, however, believes (and hopes) this to be a temporary measure, weighing in on the campaign on the  BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday:

I think it is very unlikely it will continue. It is designed, apparently, to sort of create a sense of fear [in the] British population that we have a vast problem with illegal immigration.We have a problem but it’s not a vast one. It’s got to be dealt with in a measured way dealing with the underlying causes.

It has been reported this intends to save the taxpayer money as The Home Office states it costs approximately £15,000 to forcibly deport someone, whereas the scheme cost under £10,000.

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