jammer girlfriend roxanne

Jammer may not be known as the Grime scene’s lady’s man, but the BBK star has been showing off a new female friend on his Instagram page and we must say, we’re pretty impressed.

Jammer uploaded photos of the pretty brunette to his page and although the pair haven’t confirmed anything, they’ve been doing all the stuff I’ve always wanted to do with my imaginary boyfriend. Like wearing shades indoors and uploading the snaps to Instagram, and showing off their Jordans and tats together. I said tats.


Now if you’ve been thinking, ‘where do I recognise that girl from?’ then think back to that night when your girlfriend wouldn’t come over, your sidechick wasn’t answering your calls and you started scrolling to the 900 channels on Sky.

Yep. Roxanne Jeffers is a familiar face on Xxxpanded TV, Babestation and has also starred in a handful of music videos.

roxanne jeffers jammer girlfriend

Jammer hasn’t revealed any information as to when, where or how he met the glamour model, but we think this could be the start of something very beautiful and slightly x-rated.

Check out more photos of Roxanne below.