When Jay Z and Justin Timberlake announced their Legends of the Summer tour in February this year, many of us including Kanye West weren’t really ‘fucking with that suit and tie shit,” but an awful lot can happen in five months.

Firstly Justin Timberlake became more popular than he has ever been in the UK after his performance on The Brits, and not forgetting that intimate after show gig that left everyone raving about him for weeks.


Just as it seemed Mirrors was going to be the theme music to our lives for the rest of the year, seeing as pretty much every radio station couldn’t go two songs without playing the Number One single, the ever perfectly timed Jay-Z dropped his 12th album Magna Carta… Holy Grail.

With an inevitable feature from Beyonce as well as JT, Rick Ross and Frank Ocean, the Jigga man scored his first ever UK Number One album, even if it was with the help of Samsung.

Finally, to ensure there was absolutely no way we could possibly stop talking about either of them even after all of that, the pair had a couple more tricks up their sleeves before they soon kicked off their tour.

Following Robin Thicke in what seems to be the new way of securing a hit, JT’s Tunnel Vision video was almost instantly banned from YouTube for featuring completely naked women, and quite unnecessarily too, but of course we all flocked to his website to see what all the fuss was about.

Jay-Z then broke his Twitter silence when he started replying to fans’ tweets, revealing everything from his favourite Britney Song and to why Kanye West didn’t feature on the album.

So now we were feeling closer than ever to both artists and were, most definitely, ready to be on our suit and tie shit – the pair had a lot to live up to. And, watching the manner in which they launched their Legends of The Summer Tour during their Wireless Festival 2013 headliner last night, they certainly didn’t disappoint.


Kicking off with Holy Grail, the pair then began working their magic, performing a mash up of their individual hits. Leaving JT to work the stage for a while, Jay-Z then returned asking the crowd, ‘Is it OK if I do some new shit tonight?’

With the album having only been out just over a week, his new music went down just as well as 99 Problems, with everyone rapping along to Tom Ford and Somewhereinamerica resulting in a surreal few moments of 60,000 people standing in the Olympic Park chanting ‘Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, Miley, Miley, twerk.’


Any fans still feeling skeptical about the pair joining forces clearly forgot all their reservations as JT had hundreds of young men unashamedly screaming ‘I’m bringing sexy back!’

As both J’s left the stage, it seemed the night had come to a close but just before everyone could think about leaving, Rihanna’s unmistakable voice began the haunting Run This Town before the woman who is arguably THE rock chick of the decade emerged from backstage.


Even though Rihanna virtually caused a mini riot as she casually made her way through to stage, it seemed many were still unaware she was on the premises as the whole crowd went crazy for her.


The pair that are the legends of the summer managed to create an extraordinary atmosphere and somehow transformed the vast Olympic Park into an unforgettable intimate gig.

And anyway, I think Jay-Z and JT has a nice ring to it.