If you remember, a while back we told you how glamour model Jet Black British Barbie had been found guilty of beating a man up in a racially motivated attack.

The 31-year-old, whose real name is Natalie Springer was found guilty of beating up Ramin Sasani on the 2 May in Harlow, Essex, and was supposed to be sentenced early this month.

Jet Black (or Natalie) is no stranger to scandal as she was previously named as being the woman that famous hairdresser Nicky Clarke – yep, the one who makes those straighteners – cheated on his wife with. Natalie is also an alleged former escort who charged £110 an hour for her services and once did a program for TV talking about the industry.

However, due to administrative issues, the model has had the sentencing pushed back, and so we won’t know of her fate until the 26 July.

The sentencing will happen at Chelmsford Magistrate Court, and she’s since been released on unconditional bail.