Never let it be said that JME is not a man of his word.

Early last month a dedicated fan was desperate to know when his new single ‘Work’ will be released. JME bet him that it would be before July or he would give him £50. We all know JME is rich, so I doubt it will break the bank!


JME's £50 bet with fan


Lo and behold, the fan came to claim his £50 on 30th June like clockwork.

Next thing you know, bob’s your uncle. JME slammed the £50 in his fan’s account first thing this morning.

JME asking for fans account number JME transfers money to fans account

Aww we love us some Uncle JME! That’s what you call being dedicated to your fans! His brother Skepta did a similar deed last year. The Adenuga boys are clearly very generous people! Do you want to make a bet with me guys??