jourdan dunn brother antoine dunn

Everyone was doing it in the Middle Ages and some people are still doing it today. But a playful tweet from the brother of Jourdan Dunn has left us wondering if incest is coming back into fashion.

Antoine Dunn tweeted a picture of a meal his sister had made, saying that if he didn’t find a girl who could cook as well as her, he would have to marry the supermodel.

The 22-year-old beauty, who by now is used to her brother joking around, told her 93k followers that her sibling needs help.

This isn’t the first time Antoine has embarrassed his older sister online. Last year, he tweeted a photo of himself wearing nothing but a tight towel wrapped around his waist, commenting on the visibility of his privates.

Well Jourdan, we would be happy to help your brother with all his needs. As long as there’s an agreement for him to walk around the kitchen topless every time we cook for him!