It has been reported by the Daily Mirror that three bloodied knives were found in the hotel room of Malia stabbing suspect Myles Litchmore-Dunbar by those investigating the crime.

He was also found to have bloodstains on his clothing; which he denies has anything to do with him being responsible for the murder but admits may have come from his involvement in the 30 man brawl which resulted in the murder of 19-year-old Tyrell Matthews-Burton.

In a statement to the police, Myles claimed:

When I got back to my room I took all my clothes off and left everything there.

The bloodstains came from while we were fighting, someone that was bleeding hard fell down on me and my clothes were full of blood but I don’t remember if that was the guy who died or someone else.

Regarding a knife that was found in a shoe in the hotel room, Myles stated:

Both me and my friend have Nike shoes. It could be his.

It has also been revealed that Myles could be held in a Greek prison for up to a year while he waits for his trial to begin. In the meantime, he can appeal to be released on bail – an appeal which could be rejected by the courts.


Other defendants Jordan Williams and Dejon Anaughe, both 19, have been released on bail and are allowed to return to the UK, provided that within seven days they pay bail money which collectively amounts to £12,000.

Myles lawyer has since plead his client’s innocence, saying that the evidence will prove that the real killer is still out there.

The case continues.