The friendship between Lady Leshurr and Paigey Cakey seems to be over as they were having an argument over Twitter. Paigey tweeted the following since deleted message:


Her message may have been a reply to Lady Leshurr’s earlier tweet which said:


The whole thing seemed to be the result of an earlier argument between the two, and whilst there are no heated exchanges to be found on Twitter (don’t you hate that?!), tweets from their fans suggested that there had been an issue:


Meanwhile, Paigey made her feelings towards her ex-friend clear, hinting that it was definitely the end of the pint-sized duo’s friendship:


Whilst Lady Leshurr’s cryptic tweets suggested that Paigey’s fame had somehow changed her and that was the cause of their falling out:


Oh no! Don’t say it’s the end, think of the fans. It’s a sad day when two of the smallest ladies in UK grime break up.