We all know Leona Lewis isn’t known for her big personality and so the fact that she has put a twerking video out is definitely a surprise. Cos, yeah – everybody wants to see that.

Anyway, having been off the radar for quite a while, this was an interesting way of Leona cutting herself a slice of relevance cake.

So, after telling the camera ‘some people think twerking is a new thing,’ (cos yeah, she invented this ish) Leona showcases her skills in the dimly-lit Instagram-length vid that wasn’t put out on Insta. Ummm missed some relevance points there, hun!

Now we’re not sure if Leona was taking herself seriously with this video, but we do have to say Miley Cyrus reigns triumphant in the twerking video stakes.

Who do you think did a better job? And who would you like to see a video from next?