In the long running feud that is Lethal Bizzle versus the whole of N-Dubz, the Pow! MC has decided to go for round 153 in the ring with the Camden grime group.

Boasting about the success he’s had on the party scene in Magaluf recently, Lethal thanked Dappy’s reported cancellations for his popularity on the Spanish island:

Not satisfied with just having a go at Dappy, Lethal then moved on to the rest of the N-Dubz crew:

He carried on, mocking and comparing the crowds he performs to to Fazer’s crowds:

He continued with his rant:

Then began reminiscing on why he has such a strong hate for N-Dubz in the first place, which started when they reportedly stole and copied his song I Need You after he sent a demo to Tulisa:

Aww. Diddums.


After finally getting all of that off his chest, Lethal went to cool off in a way that any other normal person would:

Will this beef ever end? For my entertainment, and yours, I hope not.