After missing her performance at Lovebox yesterday, Lil Kim tried to make it up to her disappointed fans by announcing that she would be holding a meet and greet in her hotel.


Andaz Hotel’s Catch Champagne Bar and Lounge

As she stays at the Andaz hotel in Liverpool Street, with room prices starting from £228 a night, the rapper invited fans to meet her at 3pm via her Twitter account. She held the impromptu meet and greet with her protegé Tiffany Foxx:

The rapper, who career spans nearly 20 years, certainly drew a crowd as at around 3.30pm, queues were stretching down the street outside and people started filling the Catch Champagne and Lounge bar where the meet up was being held.


Fans queuing up outside Andaz Hotel to see Lil Kim

An insider from the hotel informed us that the event was closely controlled which each member of the public going through security and only three or four fans allowed to see her at a time.


It seems like all is forgiven as Lil Kim took the time out to pose with many of her fans:

I’ve got the feeling that some of these fans aren’t the same ones who lost out on money when Lil Kim didn’t perform at Lovebox but oh well, they seem happy enough.

It may be safe to say that order has been restored within the Killer Bees camp.