Think back to about a week ago, and you probably will remember a story we posted about Rihanna lashing out on Instagram at Daily Mail writer Liz Jones for an article she did on the singer. Rihanna was not impressed and she let us all know it.

Fast forward to this weekend, and it seems like Liz Jones is having none of it. The journalist has written another article in response to Rihanna’s Instagram post with the headline: I am NOT a troll (but you’re right Rihanna, I am a mess).

Admitting to being a mess? Okay…

She is sticking by what she wrote, and seems unimpressed by the lack of support from her fellow female journalists/everyone else in general. I’m guessing she’s just generally pissed off, even stating at the end of her article

Trust me, no young woman is out there, thinking, ‘Ooh, I want Liz Jones’s career!’ Why would you want it? Ghastly photographs under lurid headings, constantly being attacked for being ancient by other women (the Guardian loves printing my age as often as it can). I seriously don’t think I can do this any more.

From this article I really don’t think she’s fazed by Rihanna’s counter attack (which she claims focused mainly on the Liz’s looks and her age), and I hope I don’t get my head bitten off by Rihanna Navy fans for this, but… I have to agree with some of the points Liz has raised.

What do you guys think though? Has Liz Jones got a point, or are you firmly Team Rihanna?

I wonder if we’ll get a response from Rihanna…