Close friends of Tyrell Mathews-Burton, who was murdered at the Malia resort on the Greek island of Crete on Tuesday morning have set up a campaign to try and raise funds for his funeral.

Burton was celebrating his 19th birthday on the holiday Island, when his life was cut short in what the coroner of the case has called an execution-style killing.


Friends of the 19-year-old have set up a page on Tumblr called Ease the Pain Campaign, asking for support from the general public to lift the financial burden his family will have to endure during this difficult time.

A quote on the page describes the east Londoner as a family man saying:

Those of us who knew him personally understand that his highest priority was his family. The last thing he would want is for them to suffer the financial burden of his funeral or any costs of bringing him home.

Pappzd spoke to a friend of Tyrell’s, and the pain could be heard in her voice as she explained what the support would mean to the family and how his death had affected her. Anisha-Lorelle said

Me and my friends set up the page yesterday and we’ve already received some donations which we’re really grateful for.

The financial support is going to help Tyrell’s mum a lot because there are so many costs involved, including flying out to Malia.

We know this is what Tyrell would have wanted… It hasn’t been an easy time for us but we just want to do the little that we can.

19 men were arrested for the senseless attack and it is being reported that two or three of the men could be facing murder charges when they next appear at the court tomorrow.

If you would like to donate money to support Burton’s family, please visit the Ease the Pain Campaign website where you will find more information about how you can help.