The Queen of Afrobeats, May7ven was interviewed by BBC Africa’s Sophie Ikenye, in which she told her audience that she loved sports, with football being her number one favourite. She even went as far as to say that if she had been a boy she would have definitely been a football  player!

Speaking about her upcoming album, she mentioned that she’d have some “A list” collaborations on there. Not wanting to give all of her secrets away, she only named Alexandra Burke as one of the artists who’d be featuring on her record.

Alexandra Burke and afrobeats? We’ll have to see how this one goes.


The Ten Ten songstress then explained how her love for music grew from a early age, when she was singing, dancing and watching Michael Jackson on TV as a young girl in Nigeria. She also had a love for the church choir, one day secretly picking up a pair of drumsticks after Sunday service and having a go on the drum kit herself. When the choir leader caught her, he allowed her to join the choir at just eight-years-old.

Sophie Ikenye later asked her if she had to pick from her upcoming album which would be her favourite song, May7ven told her every song is her favourite once because she records a song she doesn’t leave it until its the best song in the world for her.

A perfectionist’s statement!

The full interview can be seen on the BBC website.