The ramifications of a recent fatal stabbing in Crete has left many reeling both overseas and here in the UK. The town’s mayor Zacharis Doxastakis, now plans to implement tightly controlled drinking zones to prevent violence and curb the “wretched antics” of many holiday makers in resort town, Malia.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, Doxastakis explained:

They can’t just come to our country and run riot. Just because our country is in crisis we don’t need to accept such behaviour.

The move is being considered after the murder of Tyrell Matthews-Burton, 19, from Leyton, east London who was fatally stabbed in a bar brawl involving several British tourists.

Myles Litchmore-Dunbar from Catford, south London has been charged with his murder.

Doxastakis went on to outline the location of these zones, which he stated would be situated around “clubs that will host young Britons where they can do everything they want to but in an area that is closely monitored.”

Excessive drinking has always been an issue for Brits, an issue that has carried itself to Malia, an undeniably popular holiday destination. Despite its popularity, gang rivalries borne in the UK have often found their way overseas and wreaked continued havoc abroad for both locals and tourists.

Perhaps these measures can finally bring some peace to this once loved holiday destination.