As Mutya Keisha Siobhan prepare their return back to the UK music scene, the promotional campaign for the forthcoming project seems to be underway as they’ve recently conducted an interview with popular fashion publication V Magazine. The girls detailed their time together as the former Sugababes, admitting that being in the group could have ruined their lives.

The girls, who were just teenagers when they formed the group and released their debut single Overload, felt that upon their debut they had been thrown into the deep end and labeled growing up in the music industry as an unhealthy environment.

Speaking on their time as the Sugababes, bandmate Siobhan Donaghy said:

There was a lot of pressure put on us. Major sort of divide-and-conquer tactics going on. I feel like we were thrown to the wolves, in a sense.

The trio are expected to release their debut album under their new band name next year, while the lead single Flatline, is due for release on 1 September.
As for the album, you can expect production from Dev Hynes, Sia, MNEK and Cameron Mcvey. With reference to the direction of the record, Keisha explained:

It’s an emotive, vocal record. There are different genres and different tempos. I feel like we can take on any kind of music, but we’ve just got to do it in our own way.

I look forward to see what they bring to the scene this time around.