Nunoo recently chaperoned Floyd Mayweather’s fiancee Shantel Jackson around London

Charles Nunoo is one of those men you rarely hear about, and yet, without knowing, you absorb his work every day.

As owner of ethnic model agency Charles and Ko he is responsible for a lot of the stories you see of models in the national tabloids as well as here on Pappzd.

His modelling agency, now 10 years old, has models like Tabby Brown and Leilani Dowding on its roster and they’ve got their clients into big international music videos and advertising campaigns.

Well now, the usually shy businessman has taken stunting to new heights by upping a YouTube video showing off what he claims is just one day’s earnings.

In the most humble and modest way, Charles recorded himself opening a suitcase filled with what he claims to be £250,000 – just a day’s wage for the owner of the UK’s leading ethnic model agency.

With that level of success, it may just be possible that Charles really did earn that in one day.

But a tip for you Charles, hold that iPhone horizontally for videos, yeah?