American rapper Mos Def has recently undergone a difficult force-feeding procedure, to experience one of the standard operations forced upon detainees at Guantanamo Bay who are on a hunger strike during their time at the detention camp.

In a piece for the Guardian, the rapper – who is a practicing Muslim – underwent this procedure at the same time Islamic leaders are urging Obama to rethink the distressing process which violates the detainees basic human rights.

Muslim groups are calling for the force-feeding to be suspended during Ramadan out of respect, as Muslims at the detention camp – and all around the world – partake in the religious fasting period.

In the four-minute video made by Human Rights group Reprieve, shows the rapper whose real name is Yasiin Bey, be force-fed through tubes in his nostrils. It proves to be a visibly excruciating practice as after one dosage, Mos begs for it to be over with tears in his eyes.

Watch the video below [WARNING: distressing images]: