Brought to our attention by GRM Daily’s Poet via his Instagram account, we couldn’t stop laughing in the Pappzd office when we saw this flyer for a club night in Bristol.

Now we understand the ‘independent ladies’ nights, all white parties and swimwear themed nights might have been played out, but is Primark VS H&M really the next best idea?

This also doesn’t seem like a very thought through idea as one of the worst things to happen to a girl on a night out is for another girl to turn up at the club wearing the same dress as her; and there’s not that much choice in terms of raving attire at either H&M or Primark.

Secondly, I know hardly any females find it embarrassing anymore to admit they shop in Primark aka Primarni (remember the days when you would only buy your socks and pyjamas there?), but this is a different story for men. So I suppose all of the males will be rocking up in H&M chinos and shirts!

So what would you guys wear? H&M or Primark? Will you be going? Can it rival Westwood’s notorious raves?

So many questions! We just can’t wait to see the pictures!