They say getting tattoos and piercings can become addictive, and that certainly seems to be the case with MKS’ Mutya Buena.

Already heavily tattooed on her chest, arms and legs, the mum of one added to her sleeve yesterday leaving it almost completed and just couldn’t resist getting four piercings at the same time.

That’s one strong pain threshold girl!

As the singer has already pierced most of the more popular locations on her body, Mutya stepped her piercing game right up, resorting to some unusual areas.

After getting a surface piercing on the right side of her face, Mutya got three microdermal implants. Two on her chest, and one on her arm to add to a tattoo she already had.


For each microdermal, an anchor would have been implanted underneath her skin with the top of the piercing then screwed on. Yikes!

They sure look sore. Hopefully they will heal properly in time for MKS’ first headline performance in just a week’s time.

What do you think? Are these microdermal piercings attractive? Has Mutya gone overboard or does it suit her?