Victim Westley Murray

Police are calling for help after a 33-year-old man was dropped off at Queens Hospital in Romford suffering from a stab wound to the stomach.

Westley Murray, who is currently in an induced coma following his injuries, was taken to the hospital in a Toyota Prius by a man who is believed to be a cab driver. CCTV footage shows the driver go in the hospital and come back out with two men. The driver then helps one of the men put the victim into a wheelchair, before driving off leaving the men to take Westley into the A&E.

Detective Sergeant Rob Baxter said:

We are trying to piece together Westley’s movements in the hours leading to him being stabbed.

Police want to speak to the men who helped Westley Murray get inside Queen’s Hospital in Romford.

If anyone knows where he was and who saw him please let us know, you may have vital information about how Westley came to receive his injuries.

Also I’d ask the driver of the car and the two men who helped at the hospital to get in touch with us, you must have information that can help us track down who was responsible for the attack on Westley. You took action that may have saved Westley’s life but he still needs your help.

We have found no obvious motive for the attack on Westley.

Westley was injured on the evening on 29 June and taken to hospital at around 1am on 30 June. Police are urging anyone who may have information regarding the incident to come forward.