Before the BT Tower could light up with it’s message declaring the sex of the royal baby, hundreds of royal baby memes were already being shared on social networks around the globe.

Number Five:

At number five, it’s probably the most used royal baby meme so far, even appearing in this morning’s Metro. It’s one of those memes that couldn’t have gone with out being done but doesn’t make you laugh out loud.


Number Four:

Again, it was only a matter of time before we were to see Prince Wills doing an MJ, we were just hoping it would be for real.


Number Three:

We all found a bit of respect for Taylor Swift following the birth of North West as she sent THAT tweet to Kimye (even if she did delete it straight away). So when this meme coming in at number three arose, it made us chuckle but we’ve kind of heard that joke already.


Number Two:

The Apprentice’s Katie Hopkins recently went viral when expressing her shockingly ignorant opinions about how she judges children based on their names whilst being a guest on This Morning. If you don’t get the meme, watch the video – it’s worth it!


Number One:

And last but by no means least, if you haven’t heard the royal baby boy is black and here’s how he popped out, afro and all.


Jokes! Have you seen any funny royal baby memes?