A picture of a footballer in a casino is hardly newsworthy.

Unless – as is the case of Papiss Cisse – said footballer has recently come to blows with his football club over wearing a shirt featuring the payday loan company Wonga.

Cisse recently put his foot down regarding the new sponsor, stating that it conflicted with his religious beliefs.

Under some interpretations of Sharia law, a Muslim must not benefit from the lending of money. Nor must a Muslim gamble.

Cue confusion, then, when the image below, of a man who bears a striking (some would say it was DNA-like) resemblance to the Senegalese player, recently surfaced on Twitter.


Newcastle supporter Andrew McNally, who is believed to have taken the photograph at a blackjack table in Aspers casino, said the man who looks, sounds, moves and talks like the footballer chatted about upcoming games as he placed £10 bets. McNally said,

Cisse was just placing small bets, £10 or £20 with £5 chips. A number of fans have said that they have seen him in there. You have to say it does undermine his stance on Wonga.

Although there has been speculation that he may be pushed to leave the club, former West Ham striker Frederic Kanoute – also a Muslim – was permitted to wear an unbranded shirt whilst they were sponsored by gambling company

Cisse has since offered to wear a charity-branded kit, a proposal that has since been rejected.

Interesting. Is he within his rights or picking and choosing? Tell us your thoughts!