lovebox festival 2013

Festival season is almost over and we must say it’s been an interesting one.

We were lucky enough to be invited to most of the biggest music events this summer but instead of going home with images of Jay Z and Justin Timberlake performing, we have a catalogue of pictures featuring girls with their arses hanging out of their short shorts at not one, not two, but at all the festivals we attended.

And because we know you dirty buggers love a bit of bum cheek, we’ve collated all the derrières we spotted trying to escape from their owners’ clothing at Wireless and Lovebox Festival 2013.

Wireless Festival

wireless festival 2013 bum cheeks

Now ladies, we know it was hot at Wireless Festival this year, but you may as well have come naked if wearing shorts that could pass for knickers was your only option.

And we can’t even imagine what they looked like from the front! Can we all say camel toe!?

wireless festival 2013 bumcheeks

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but that is a police man leading that scantily clad woman away, she was arrested for offending everybody else’s eyesight.

Lovebox Festival

It’s clear from the pictures taken at Lovebox, that Wireless was just a warm up. Because at the three day festival held in Victoria Park, we saw more arse than a toilet seat.


It’s too late to start pulling your shorts down girl, we’ve already seen it all.


This just looks painful. I mean they’re tight enough to give you thrush by just looking at her.


And this picture, this picture just sums up why my daughter is becoming a nun. I mean where are the parents? Where are their neighbours? Where are their friends?!

Now we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with pum pum shorts, I personally have a suitcase full of them. But if you’re going to wear them, wear them right or please for the sake of our eyes don’t wear them at all.

On a more positive not, here are some bums we enjoyed:


This festival goer had a Kylie Minogue thing going on and strutted her stuff down that field as if it were a runway. Go girl!


These short shorts showed off just the right amount of toned behind, as this festival goer wore them like a pro.

Now we’re sure we weren’t the only ones arse spotting. Send us your pics of any festival bum shots and we’ll retweeet the best ones.