Rihanna has won the right to stop high street retailer Topshop from using her image on a line of t-shirts available in the store.

The Pour It Up singer is also entitled to damages of £3.3million ($5million) for the unauthorised use of her image on their clothing.


The image used of her was taken by a freelance photographer “without Rihanna’s permission” as she filmed the video to her 2011 single We Found Love. However, it was also suggested that the singer wanted to sue because the image used of her was “unflattering”.

The top was on sale on the Topshop site under the name ‘Rihanna tank’ which was later changed to ‘Headscarf Girl Tank’ then ‘Icon Tank’ after the retailer was challenged by her lawyers.

After noting that the image used was “very similar” to her picture on CD sleeves, her lawyers claimed that Topshop tried to trick fans at the risk of damaging her reputation.

Rihanna accuses Acardia Group, the company which owns Topshop, for trying to pass the item off as something which had been approved by her management and wrongly using her name in the course of trade.

The judge finally settled that this was indeed the case.

This girl really knows her rights and she was not going down without a fight. And the fight was worth it because she’s now a few million pounds richer.

Somewhere right now Rihanna is singing “still got ma money”.