One is an glittering star of our time, possessed by the spirit of performance. The other is a glittering vampire.

It’s always cute to see celebrities stanning for each other, and Robert Pattinson did exactly what any living person on the planet with sense and a camera would: jumping at the chance for a picture with Queen Bee herself.

The Twilight actor may have to bat off his own fans in their droves, but he couldn’t help giggling like a schoolgirl at the prospect of a Mrs Carter keepsake at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

This isn’t the first surreal celebrity link up we’ve seen in recent weeks, with Afrobeats darling Wizkid popping bottles in VIP with One Direction sweetboy Liam Payne! What’s going on! And how can I be a part of it?

At least R Patz  looked happy in his concert memento. The other members of the photograph look like they are being held against their will!

Didn’t you hear the Queen? “Bow down bitches!”