He is one of those artists that has you wondering why he hasn’t blown yet. Following all the right steps, in 2011 he featured on Jakwobs Right Beside You, in 2012 Lana del Rey featured on his catchy Big Spender and he even made an appearance on the Swedish duo of the moment, Icona Pop’s album.

So with all that done, there shouldn’t be any reason for the south London rapper to not be sharing the same success as the likes of Wretch and Professor Green.


And now even though the song that makes him could very well be amongst his new material, Smiler is in no rush to take any short cuts to get to the top as he has decided to compile this latest project into a free mixtape rather than an album.smiler-whoa-picture

Featuring vocals and guitar sounds from everyone’s favourite ginger Ed Sheeran, the mixtape’s first single is the perfect summer soundtrack and even comes with a festival themed music video.

Taking a seat backstage at Wireless 2013 after performing in the sweltering heat, you can instantly feel Smiler’s positive energy. Confident but not cocky, Smiler starts by revealing who he still wants to work with.

I feel like the pinnacle for me would be to do a collaboration with Nas as he was my inspiration to rap.


We reposted a picture you put on Instagram the other day of a woman wearing a penis costume. Aside from that look, is there any certain style you like to see on a woman?

I’m a fan of forever moving fashion, but my favourite costume is obviously the birthday suit – it’s really elegant you know, it doesn’t lie.

Would you ever rock that look on stage yourself?

Erm no…I don’t want to offend anybody.

You don’t want to make people feel jealous or anything…


So, recently GQ magazine rated you along with every other British rapper (except Mike Skinner) eight in their 25 Worst Rappers list. Do you they’ll ever understand our style?

They’re going to have to understand us. If it wasn’t for us Brits and Europeans then the Americans wouldn’t be dressed in couture outfits.

They wouldn’t be wearing fitted trousers, they would still be wearing Red Monkey. To make a statement as bold as that, I feel like it’s disrespectful.


The godfathers of Hip-Hop music like MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane, a lot of people around in the late 80’s, early 90’s wouldn’t stand a chance next to some of the rappers today. I know saying this is going to get me a lot of slander because people put certain people on a pedestal, like you can’t speak about that person because they did it before you.

That’s just like saying in a relay race, if a person ran second and didn’t pass the baton to the person third, they wouldn’t have anything to grab. It doesn’t mean they can’t run faster.

In perfect timing, hearing the crowd roar it was obvious Nas had just come on stage, so I let Smiler run off to grab the baton.

The Coming is now available for free download with the single Woah featuring Ed Sheeran out on 9 September.