Clearly enjoying the extra attention she’s been getting since her cocaine exposé, Tulisa has decided to make the most of her publicity and restore her public image by releasing her first ever novel.

The book, which is titled Sky, documents the life of a girl from south London called Sky Beradino who is on the path to becoming a famous actress.

The blurb of the book describes Tulisa’s first literary piece as “impossible to put down”, reading:

In 2005 a South London schoolgirl huddles cold and wet on the kerb. Her bruised eye swollen shut, her schoolbag dirty and torn. Sky Beradino dreams of coming out on top–just for once–and vows that no one will keep her down forever. In 2013, a talented young actress takes a deep breath before stepping out on stage.

Glamorous, confident, and beautiful, only the very closest to her know the price she has paid. Gripping, passionate, powerful, and raw, this is a novel of heartbreak and tragedy, hard work and hard knocks, courage and survival. It is the story of a young woman destined for stardom, who never gave up.

No matter what. Tulisa’s debut novel is impossible to put down. And impossible to forget.

Looks like we have a second JK Rowling on our hands!

Sky is set for a release on 26 September. Will any of you be sticking your nose in Tulisa’s book when it comes out?