Rappers all over the world took notes as Jay-Z released his twelfth studio album on 4 July via an app on Samsung smartphones. As millions of users eagerly tried to download the album… the app crashed. In understandable frustration Twitter saw a surge of angry fans airing their complaints:jay-z-magna-carta-tweet1 jay-z-magna-carta-tweet2 jay-z-magna-carta-tweet3

Although Billboard refuses to count the app sales, the album technically is a platinum seller and I very much doubt that Jay-Z cares. With raving reviews, fans across the country have been quick to download the album and share their opinions…

jay-z-magna-carta-tweet4 jay-z-magna-carta-tweet5 jay-z-magna-carta-tweet6 jay-z-magna-carta-tweet7

Even Wiley got in on the action…

jay-z-magna-carta-tweet8 jay-z-magna-carta-tweet9

Magna Carta Holy Grail is available for everyone to download LEGALLY on 8 July. However, through various avenues of illegal sharing, even iPhone users have already listened to the album.

This will not dampen Mr. Carter’s mood as his first week sales predictions are at an all time high because of the leak!

Jay Z

Is it me or am I the only one thinking that somewhere in a Los Angeles mansion, Kanye West is fuming?

Send us your reviews! What do you think of Magna Carta Holy Grail?

Is it Jay-Z’s best album to date?