Everywhere you look there are short shorts, but this all-American star has taken it a little too far; we saw more than we needed to as she stumbled out of a club on a steamy night on the town.

Miley Cyrus, who is currently living it up in London, was seen partying with Nicole Scherzinger and Pixie Geldof at the weekend which all seemed a little bit too random but we let it go- until this.


The American actress/singer/twerking extraordinaire, was dressed in a free flowing monochrome top which she teamed with a pair of denim shorts.

Unfortunately the shorts failed Miley and made her encounter the mother of all malfunctions, as she flashed us a bit of fanny when she staggered out of Cirque le Soir because of the obscenely high cut of her denim battyriders….Nobody needs  to see all that!


Since arriving in the country, Miley’s fashion choices have definitely been more miss than hit but when you’re at the bottom the only way is up. Better luck next time.

Maybe you could even try some underwear?

Just a suggestion.