Continuing in his diva antics and complaining about his bookings at festivals, Wiley only performed for 15 minutes at the CockRock festival in Cumbria this weekend.

Moaning that the festival had little to do with his kind of music and blaming his agent for the poor decision making, Wiley was not happy about being on the line-up for the event which consisted of mostly rock acts:

And as we all already know, Wiley is not a man who will keep quiet about things he doesn’t feel fit in with his image as he made it clear that he and CockRock festival just did not go together:

When it came to his performance, the crowd decided that they weren’t pleased with Wiley either (they probably read his tweets), so they resorted to booing the MC off the stage and throwing beer cans at him:

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Wiley was met with a hostile audience. He must be getting used to this.

But with every cloud there’s a silver lining, which was true in the Heatwave artist’s case as he cut his performance short but still pocketed the full fee of £15,000:

And today, the 35-year-old was still relishing in his easy pay cheque and still dissing the people of Cumbria:

Come on, you can’t call everyone in Cumbria a pagan. Not that he really cares if he offends them. After all, he did his job and still got paid for it.

Even if he did have to play dodgeball with beer cans during the set.