Another day, another Wiley rant.

Today, the Heatwave MC was having a go at Tinie Tempah, claiming that he’s copied the American sound and is a Big Sean wannabe.

Posting the video of Big Sean’s Dance (A$$), Wiley drew similarities between the song and Tinie’s latest offering, Trampoline.


He then warned Tinie off from coming to Ayia Napa, where Wiley is now:

Wiley then explained why he’s been getting on to people recently, stating someone has to be an asshole:

Yeah, you could be an “asshole” or you could just be a nice guy! Maybe?

He then started to insinuate that Tinie had forgotten his roots in some way and forgot about Wiley’s existence.

Hmm. Seems like Wiley once wanted to work with Tinie but now he’s “forgotten” him. Something tells me Tinie won’t be responding though.

A problem brewing between former friends? Methinks so!