Another week, another Wiley scandal.

This time, the Heatwave MC has told BBC’s Newsbeat that he will not be giving back the £15,000 he received from playing at the CockRock festival in Cumbria, despite organisers saying he breached his concert by ending his set early.

Wiley was supposed to play a 45-minute set at the rock festival, but after having a Twitter rant in which he dissed the musical event and everyone in Cumbria, the crowd didn’t take to kindly to him pelting him with bottles and coins while he was performing.

The festival organisers later accused him of breaching his contract by not performing his full set.

He told Newsbeat:

They say it’s a charity event and they want their money back.

I’ve just stood on stage and been coined and bottled. Obviously I’m not giving the money back.

The east Londoner, who is never afraid to stand his ground, went on to say that a woman who was looking after him at the event told him that he was free to walk off stage if the crowd got too much.

Which they did. So he walked off.

He does however have some regrets, stating that he shouldn’t have used Twitter to complain about being booked for the festival.

Nooo, don’t say that! If he didn’t tweet about it he just wouldn’t be Wiley any more. Twitter is his actual diary.