In his never-ending quest to get Dizzee Rascal to be his friend again, Wiley has suggested that the two MCs do a show at the O2 together.

wiley wants dizzee rascal gig

Getting the message that Dizzee is not going to do an actual song with him any time soon, Wiley has decided that another way to get he and the Bonkers musician in the same room as him is to share a stage.

Noting that artists in the UK tend to not work together unlike their American counterparts, Wiley put Dizzee’s refusal to work with him down to that:

Considering that Dizzee features on Tinie Tempah’s latest album, there’s doubt that his refusal to work with Wiley has anything to do with being “too big”.

Wiley then made things a little more direct by tweeting Dizzee himself:

Something tells me that this is never going to happen.

But say what you like about Wiley, he definitely never (ever, ever) gives up.