I’m sure you probably all know, this is officially Wireless Festival Weekend 2013, and it all kicked off yesterday.

As it was my first Wireless,  I was pretty expectant, and though I didn’t really venture away from the main stage, I was not disappointed.

Miguel was the first act I saw and, to be honest, I wasn’t really impressed which was surprising because I’m actually a Miguel fan. He just seemed to me to be jumping around the stage, making a whole lot of noise, while wearing a leather jacket (in 25 degree heat, seriously, who does that?). So I was more than happy when he left the stage.

John Legend was great as to be expected, and so was Trey Songz, who I was surprised to see got people quite lively, since he mostly is about the ladies.

Snoop Lion/Dogg was live! He had the whole place feeling like a party and performed some classics, while also acting like a weed salesman, which is to be expected. He brought Rita Ora out towards the end though, which kind of killed the vibe a little bit, I don’t think the crowd was really feeling her.


Now I don’t know about you, but I am a massive Justin Timberlake fan, so I was mostly there to see him, and he was AMAZING.

That really is the one word to describe him. He is a true performer, even playing a bit of piano and guitar, and of course, he threw some smooth dance moves in there too.

He did some of his old hits, and newer stuff from the 20/20 Experience (which a lot of people didn’t seem to know – much to my surprise and displeasure). Bringing out Jay-Z for Suit & Tie really topped it all off.

During JT’s performance was the only time I didn’t see a single person sitting down, that’s gotta show how good he was, right?


If you’re going this weekend, have fun, it really is amazing, and I’m super jealous. If you were there yesterday, let us know what you thought. Who were your best/worst performances?