etta bond young fat

As a musician, Etta Bond has never been a shy one. And the Cambridge born star showed her followers that she is confident in her own skin when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram, as a chubby youngster.

With a heartfelt message beside the photo, Etta explained how people used to question her dreams of being a singer, when she was younger, due to her weight. But she has now grown to love her body and proved it by uploading a photo of herself half dressed. Very saucy.

etta bond half naked

The 23-year-old singer has started an online campaign with the hashtag #BGV and has encouraged her fans to send in photos of themselves loving their body shapes. Etta has been congratulated by her peers for sending out a positive message about body image.

And we think a congratulations is in order for that toned stomach!

Etta’s campaign is for a video, due to be released on 26 July, directed by Jeremy Cole.

Etta uploaded pictures from the BGV video shoot to her Instagram page

Etta uploaded pictures from the BGV video shoot to her Instagram page

The Odd Child Recordings signee has been hitting festival stages as one half of ExR alongside Raf Riley. The pair recently released their debut EP, Emergency Room, leading with the disturbingly catchy track, Boring B’s. And if you’ve been wondering what #BGV stands for, it’s the title of her latest single with Raf Riley, Big Girl’s Vogue.

big girls vogue etta bond