We’re already used to the politically aware views of Akala so it was no surprise that on the anniversary of 50th year since Martin Luther King III made his I Have A Dream speech, the rapper decided to drop some knowledge on his Twitter followers.

Noting that we still have a way to go in terms of race relations, Akala stated:

He then went on to suggest that over the years the real history of the Civil Rights Movements had been altered:

He then went deeper with the issue, saying that the race problem was something that was still going on today:

If there was ever a day that I felt uneducated, then it’s today (which also means that Akala has made a serious point here). Luckily, Akala hinted that he plans to write a book documenting some of his experiences so maybe one day I can be as enlightened as he is:

Don’t you just love his mind?

On a serious note, do you agree with Akala’s statements? Leave your opinion in the comments below.