This’ll get em talking about me again… Lemme make like I wasn’t posing an’ stuff

The original Sugababes lineup are back with a new name, new sound and newfound ratings, leaving their replacements feeling about as relevant as Big Brother 9’s week 4 evictee (Remember Jennifer? Didn’t think so).

But Amelle Berrabah won’t let potential irrelevancy ruin her summer, as her Instagram account clearly shows.


Heeeey… Do you remember me? I used to be famous…

The 29 year old is celebrating the release of her solo track Love Is All We Need on the sunny shores of a Greek beach, and is showing us her beach bod is definite force to be reckoned with.

Sporting an array of teeny weeny bikini’s, we can’t deny that although MKS may have it hands down in the singing stakes, nobody quite knows how to rock swimwear like Amelle.


You like this? How about this? I know you like this one…. Oh, wait, are you taking pics?

The holiday is most likely a well deserved break as the singer embarks on a solo career, her début single featuring Adam J and Nightcrashers. She spoke to Digital Spy about the song’s message:

The song is basically about love, as you probably can tell from the title. I just wrote about love at first sight – when you see someone and you’re instantly attracted to them. The video concept is almost me and Adam narrating exactly that – two people bumping into each other.

She clearly is optimistic about her new solo project, which comes after an indefinite Sugababes split confirmed by band member Jade Ewen.


Wanna be the next pebble? Or the one after that?

Also speaking to Digital Spy, Jade spoke of the bands plans to go their separate ways:

I don’t even know if the band stuff is going to happen again, if I’m completely honest. I think Amelle wants to do her own solo stuff, Heidi is doing a Happy Days musical… I think we’re pretty much done. 

I’m working on solo material at the moment actually. It’s only come about in the past three weeks, so it’s quite a new project.

Good luck to them all. I always preferred the original line up anyway.