In the biggest news since …. Beyonce’s new pixie crop has got the whole world and their dog commenting on it.

The Single Ladies diva, who is known for her long weave and her hair-whipping dance moves, shocked all her fans when she debuted her shorter look on her Instagram account.


Beyonce has had long hair since she first hit the scene at 14, only changing up her style for the role of Etta Bond, so there was no shortage of reactionary tweets when everyone realised what she had done.


Some thought it looked great (I’m one of them!) whilst others were just wondering “what the hell was she thinking?!”

And on the other side…

If she’s anything like Rihanna, she’ll have that weave reinstalled in no time. But Rihanna swaps wigs on a daily basis. For someone like Beyonce who rarely changes her image, the possibililty that she might stick to this look could be high.

What are you thoughts on her new do? Can Beyonce do no wrong or is this a big no-no?