zaraah-abrahams-spike-lee-filmZaraah Abrahams has been cast as the lead role for American director Spike Lee’s newest film.

The currently unnamed project was described by the filmmaker as a thriller film about addiction, blood and sex.


Zaraah, 26, is most known for her roles in Coronation Street and Waterloo Road and was spotted by Spike Lee in a film made by one of his own students, Black Girl in Paris.

I first saw Zaraah in Black Girl in Paris, this is a NYU grad thesis film directed by Kiandra Parks, a student of mine. I remember Kiandra screening a rough cut of her film in my NYU office, as I watched I kept being drawn to the co-star, she was dominating this 20 minute film.

After the screening was done I told Kiandra that “She had a very good film” and “Who is the co-star? What is her name? Where did she come from? How did you find her? How come she is the co-star and not the lead? I need to get in touch with her.”

Spike announced Zaraah as the lead role in the film on fundraising site Kickstart.

So, provided enough money is raised to go towards the film, Zaraah is one step closer to making herself a household name in America.