sian green british tourist new york car crash

A British tourist from Leicester received life-changing injuries after being hit by a reckless Taxi driver in New York.

23-year-old Sian Green was on holiday with her friend Keshia Warren when she was hit by Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon, in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday morning.

The taxi driver had been arguing with a cyclist when he lost control of the taxi and mowed Sian down on a sidewalk

sian green taxi crash new york

The fashion graduate, who only arrived in the city from England on Monday night, had just bought a hot dog and was eating at the plaza with her best friend when she was hit by the taxi.

Green was conscious throughout the ordeal and was taken to Bellevue Hospital where she is undergoing surgery. One of her legs was severed at the ankle and she suffered injuries to the other.

sian greens foot new york

Green’s foot can be seen circled underneath the cab.

David Justino, a witness at the scene removed his belt and made a tourniquet for the woman’s leg before paramedics arrived. He told NBC and New York Daily News:

He hit the girl, she flew up in the air, her leg was severed right off … so I just grabbed my belt, went over, lifted her up, put it on, held it. She was conscious the whole time, the poor thing. I wished she would have passed out… [She is a] strong girl, a brave girl.

sian green friend new york

Sian Green’s best friend Keshia Warren was left distraught by the accident

Green, who works part-time as a fashion advisor at a Hugo Boss store in Leicester was also helped by celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, who rushed to her aid from his nearby office.

The careless driver has been charged with seven traffic violations in the last three years, yet was still allowed to drive on New York roads. Green’s boyfriend, who has abandoned his holiday in Ibiza to be with his girlfriend said Sian is determined to not let the accident ruin her life.

Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon taxi driver new york sian green

Taxi driver Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon being led away by police

According to the New York Daily News the cab driver was issued a summons for being an unauthorized driver and then set free.

Doctors are reportedly trying to reattach the foot.