The British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) which celebrates and presents UK urban films returns this September with a line-up of notable presenters, actors and filmmakers taking part in the event.

BUFF begins on 5 September with films presented by actress Kyle Frye and Jimmy Akingbola as well as a presentation from Naeem and Ash Mahmood – the directors of upcoming UK film Brash Young Turks.

The four day event will also be where attendees can watch the premiere screening of Aml Ameen’s newest short film Hoorah, directed by and starring himself.

A number of new films starring and directed by those in the UK urban film industry will be shown at BUFF as well as talks and q&as with some of those involved.

The event will run from 5 – 9 September and tickets for the free festival which is held at the Channel 4 headquarters are currently available, and certain films will be available for cinema viewing after the event.

Full information can be found on the official British Urban Film Festival website.