Being the true enemies that they are, Dappy and Lethal Bizzle couldn’t let their issues rest and had yet another Twitter war last night sparked off by Lethal commenting on Dappy’s latest freestyle Tarzan 2.5.

Sounded like a compliment to me! But Dappy wasn’t happy with Lethal’s cheeky comment and he responded saying:

Another backhanded compliment there. However, Lethal remembered that he was supposed to be hating Dappy and started cussing him again, getting onto the Tarzan star about his rumoured drug use

Ignoring the comment, Dappy went on to talk about how he looked flyer than Lethal because obviously, that’s all that’s important in life:

However Lethal got his own back by reminding Dappy that he replaced him on a number of summer beach party bookings abroad earlier this year making himself some extra change:

This then led to Dappy boasting about his money with Lethal finishing him with one simple statement:


By the way though, please don’t make that diss track.