wretch-32-durex-condomsNow, we like Wretch 32 over here at Pappzd; he makes good music and he seems like he’s a very nice guy.

However, some people (including us) were freaked out this afternoon when he shared a picture on his Facebook page of his cheesy grin on a pack of extra safe Durex condoms.

Nothing against the guy himself, but looking at the smiling face of someone who isn’t in the room when you’re about to bump uglies isn’t the biggest turn-on in the world.

It seemed some of his fans agreed, going by the comments on the Facebook upload:


Imagine, for any guy about to rip open one of these and seeing that face staring back at them. The last thing in your mind would be Wretch looking overly happy for you because you’re about to get some, saying his catchphrase “ahh yeah!”

The Doing OK musician has been enlisted as an ambassador for the brand and has an upcoming Intimate Sessions gig in partnership with Durex in September, so the face on the condom packet is all part of that.

For anyone who does want to see Wretch’s face when they’re getting it on, the condoms will probably be available at pharmacies soon.