Speaking to BBC Newsbeat after his BBC Urban Proms performance, Fazer has suggested that the reunion of N-Dubz rests solely on himself.

With Dappy and Tulisa being in the press for bad behaviour, Fazer is the only one who’s managed to keep his name clean. Having rarely any tabloid headlines about him and his focusing on recent fatherhood and music, the producer of N-Dubz suggested that the success of his forthcoming album could make or break the Camden group.

You never see me in the tabloids. All I’m known for is doing the music and keeping my head down, and I think that’s what it needs to make an impact for any sort of drive for a reunion.

So all Fazer needs to do is have a successful album and maybe that will put N-Dubz in a positive light. Hopefully he doesn’t suffer from the same musical syndrome that Tulisa does…

He then carried on to say that he was not annoyed by the bad behaviour of his bandmates:

I’m not frustrated because it comes with being in the media. No-one’s perfect and we’re still growing up.

I’m not mad at anyone because it happens, but you won’t be seeing me in the press for anything but music.

Okay, okay, we got you.

However he did mention that if N-Dubz did ever reunite, they’d make the best out of their recent troubles, because let’s face it, everyone loves to hear the stories of reformed ghetto children.

It’s going to capitalise on the bad press we’ve had in the past with the other two members and I think it’s going to take someone like me to come through now  ‘cos it’s a fresh clean slate.

Fazer’s solo album is due for a release in 2014.